2015 Charity Recipient

North Shore Rescue

The North Shore Rescue is an all-volunteer organization that conducts search and rescue operations in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and surrounding region. They have 40 highly skilled, dedicated volunteers who respond to approximately 90 calls a year and log over 20,000 hours annually. 

The funds from our tournament will go towards the replacement of one of their two Human External Transport System Kits (HETS) which is nearing the end of its regulated useful life. Funds will also be used for the training to use this technique to allow some of the more complex rescues. HETS is very specialized equipment used for the long line helicopter rescue program. Not only does this improve North Shore Rescue's efficiency, it also reduces the safety risks that would otherwise arise if they did not have this rescue option available.

North Shore Rescue will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2015.