Course conditions - Seymour Golf
Updated daily, our Course Conditions page will give you information on the status of the course, greens, driving range, putting green, pitching area, power cart access and Pro Shop at Seymour Golf and Country Club, North Vancouver,
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Seymour Golf Course Conditions

Friday, December 8th (8:30 update)

All play will be on regular greens this morning. We have received a staggering 3.7″ of rain in December so far so members should expect wet conditions.

Please play from the tee mats on tees 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, and 14.

Due to the cold weather, drinking fountains are now winterized and shut down for the season. Please bring bottled water with you on the course.

Temporary Greens are now established on each hole. They are circles marked by white paint as “Ground under Repair”, so please refrain some taking divots within the circle.

Also Please take note:

  • Edge savers have been installed on all flagsticks.  If you are leaving the flagstick in the cup simply lift the stick to retrieve your ball.
  • 40 yards of new fairway and approach on number 1 was seeded and looks great.  To keep the tender young turf in good shape all traffic will be directed to the cart path.  Please follow red, green and white stakes which mark the end of all traffic.

Care for the Course:

  • Repair ball marks and replace divots.
  • Please follow the traffic control measures.  Red and white stakes indicate exit points for power carts, green and white stakes indicate exit points for pull carts.

Greens: 16 regular greens. 2 temps.

Tees: Open.

Driving Range: Open to members approx. 15 minutes before the first tee time.

Current 2023 Range Closing Hours:

Dates Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
December 4:30 4:30 3:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 3:30
January TBD

Putting/Chipping Green: Closed.

SGPA Area: Closed.

Power Cart Access: Paths only.

Pro Shop: Open today (604-929-2611)

Clubhouse closed from December 24 – January 19

January 22 – Open for lunch from 11:00pm – 3.30pm
January 29 – Open for lunch 11:00pm – 3.30pm
February 5 – Open for lunch 11:00pm – 3.30pm
February 12 – Open for lunch 11:00pm – 3.30pm
February 19 – Open for lunch 11:00pm – 3.30pm
February 26 – Open for lunch 11:00pm – 3.30pm

* Clubhouse will resume regular hours in March. After January 19, The Turn will be serviced through the bar unless weather/golf activity warrants opening.

2024 Aerification Dates

  • Spring Aeration:  Primary: May 7 through 11.  Alternate: May 14 through 18
  • Fall Aeration: Primary: September 3 through 7.  Alternate: September 10 through 14

Disabled Golfers: Protection of the course from damage is a paramount concern / extended access is available when conditions allow it. Disabled golfers with a request for extended course access should contact the Course Superintendent (604-929-5833) at least one day prior to play, to review the request within the current agronomic conditions.


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Members: Tuesday thru Sunday

Your tee remains as-is. If a member desires to play regular greens over temporary greens, then they must re-book later in the day if space is available (although greens may still not be open).

Non-Members: Monday

The golf course will open when we can offer 13 or more regular greens. At 12pm if we are unable to offer 13 or more regular greens the golf course will remain closed for the entire day.


Members: Tuesday thru Sunday

There is no “frost delay.” If your tee time occurs when the golf course is closed due to frost you lose your time, and we will have to try to rebook later in the day if space is available.

Non-Members: Monday

The golf course will open when we can offer all 18 greens. At 12 pm if all 18 greens are not ready for opening the golf course remains closed the entire day.

Note: We will have two different price points on Mondays

    1. All greens open
    2. 5 or fewer temporary greens in play


Pesticides (primarily fungicides) are used on the course and practice areas to maintain the health of the grounds. Staff members comply with legislation and manufacturer’s recommendations concerning the use of these products, and all efforts are made to protect golfers from exposure. Notices are posted prior to each application so golfers may choose to play or not to play that day.

Golfers should always take precautions to reduce any chance of absorbing pesticides:

  • Direct and/or indirect contact between your mouth and anything in contact with the playing surface should always be avoided.
  • Skin and eye contact can also result in absorption.


  1. Out of Bounds is defined by white stakes right of #1, left of #10, behind the 18th green, maintenance yard and fences bordering the course.
  2. The turf nursery between #3 & #9 fairways is a No Play Zone. Mandatory relief available under Rule 16, Abnormal Course Conditions [ACC].
    • The garden area at #2 by the #3 tee is one ACC designated by the white line on the cart path with free relief available.
    • There are numerous additional areas that are obvious garden areas where free relief is required to be taken.
    • Several less obvious areas exist throughout the course. These areas are planted requiring free relief to be taken, are marked with a sign, are posted on Club Bulletin Boards, are listed below, and are posted on the Club Website.

    Note: all planted areas within Penalty Areas are governed by Rule 17.1e (not Rule 16) requiring the player to take penalty relief.

  3. Penalty areas are defined by red or yellow lines/stakes.
    • Ball hit in pond on #18 from the 10th hole and ball hit into #11 pond from the 15th hole should be treated as a Red Penalty Area.
    • The Red Penalty Area to the left and rear of #12 and #16 greens extends to infinity.
  4. Local Rule 8E-5 Alternative to Stroke and Distance for Lost Ball or Ball Out of Bounds is in effect. [See poster notice on boards]
  5. Local Rule 8F-5. Immovable Obstructions Close to Putting Green (sprinkler heads) is in effect for line of play relief provided all the following conditions are met:
    1. sprinkler head must be within 2 club lengths of the green
    2. ball must be within two club lengths of the sprinkler head
    3. sprinkler head must be on the line of play
    4. the ball must be on the closely mown area of the hole. Player is entitled to drop the ball within one club length of their nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.
  6. Pull Carts must not be taken within 30 feet of the greens, as indicated by small green and white stakes.
  7. When power carts are permitted off the paths (indicated by signs at #1 and #10 tees), all carts must return to and remain on the path inside the red and white stakes (or ropes) that define green approach areas.
  8. Avoid hitting into the group in front of you – use viewing platforms on #2, #3 and #7.
  9. Circled yardage indicates the tee to be used when playing the Blue/White combo or the Green/White combo tees.Garden Areas Offering Free Relief as “No Play Zones”
    • Hole #1: left of green by the path
    • Hole #2: designated by painted line across cart path including everything north of large tree where bushes start in garden area. The entire area is treated as relief in one step and may need to be taken in the rough on #2 or possibly #3 tee.
    • Hole #3: large stump at right rear of green. No relief from the smaller stump behind it, nor from the nurse log area to the right front of the green. Turf nursery would be mandatory relief.
    • Hole #4: stump at left rear of green & rock garden behind the green
    • Hole #8: both gardens at rear of green. Heather garden area by 9 tee
    • Hole #14: garden at rear of green
    • Hole #16: small rock garden between fairway and 17 green
    • Hole #18: stump rear and west of green
    • Players are reminded: bark mulch present does not automatically define the area as a garden.
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