Seymour Charity Tournament
Seymour Golf and Country Club is North Vancouver's original social network. We've been an integral part of the North Vancouver and North Shore community since 1953, when our course was formed out of the wilderness to create a community for members who love the game of golf.
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Seymour Charity Tournament

for the love of golf

Since 1993, Seymour Golf and Country Club has hosted an annual charity golf tournament to support the local community. In 2022, we expect to surpass $1 million dollars in funds raised.

With assistance from staff, Seymour members volunteer considerable time and effort to put this tournament on to enable a local charitable organization to carry out its work in supporting or enriching some aspect of North Shore community life. Our tournament is a very proud tradition at Seymour, one that our members and staff work hard to support.

We have attracted significant community partners as donors each year and this has contributed to the tournament’s fundraising success. Recipients of funds from our charity golf tournament include:

  • North Shore Restorative Justice Society (NSRJ)
  • Emily Murphy House
  • Lion’s Gate Hospital (palliative care, ICU monitor, and MRI scanner)
  • Breast Cancer Research
  • Autism Education Society
  • Hemochromatosis Society
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • P.A.W.S
  • Northshore Hospice
  • Westcoast Alternative Society
  • North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre
  • North Shore Crisis Services Society
  • North Shore Schizophrenia Society (Family Support Centre)
  • North Shore Rescue
  • Hollyburn Family Services Society
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Hollyburn Family Services Society (Seniors at Housing Risk Outreach Program)
  • Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders

Apply to be our designated charity

The following are the requirements for applicants to the Seymour Charity Tournament held in July of each year. 

Applications must be sent to with ‘Seymour Charity Tournament’ in the subject line by October 14, 2022 the year prior to the tournament. The successful applicant is normally notified in October. 

Charities must be:

  • A registered Canadian Charity

The applications must include:

  • The organization’s CRA charitable registration number
  • A short description of the organization and its staff
  • A description of the project requiring funding including its expected impact
  • The project budget breakdown
  •  Appendices:
    • Financial statements for the last complete fiscal year
    • Operating budget for the current fiscal year
    • List of Board of Directors and their affiliation

The applications will be selected on their ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Community need
  • Size and viability of the project to be funded
  • Part of the Lower Mainland community with preference for North Shore involvement