FULL MEMBER - Seymour Golf
An integral part of the North Vancouver and North Shore community since 1953, our golf course was formed out of the wilderness to create a community for members who love the game. You can leave downtown Vancouver and be here in 20 minutes, but when you step onto the first tee, you'll feel as if you're miles away.
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The Privileges of Full Membership

For men or women, a Full Membership at Seymour makes it easy for you to golf when you want to all week, with exclusive access to weekend (and statutory holiday) morning tee-times, unlimited access to the practice areas, and the ability to just drop in to play a hole or two before dinner.

A Full Membership at Seymour means no more hassles trying to book public tee times and never getting the time you want, no more having to check in to Pro Shops and stand in line to pay your fees – and having to pay extra every time you want to hit a few balls or practice putting – and no more five and six hour rounds of golf.

Full Membership at Seymour provides a private and easy online booking system, a restricted number of Full Members that ensures your requested times are likely to be available, a Pro Shop staffed to have your clubs and cart clean and ready for you when you arrive, and all the practice you desire.  Rounds of golf are played in under 4:15 hours, on a golf course that is conditioned to a level commensurate with the top courses in Canada.

We provide generous guest allowances, competitive golf if you’re interested, including Men’s and Women’s Championships, and various club events and leagues.  As a Full Member you are also eligible to play at other private clubs with whom we have reciprocal arrangements.

If your children are interested in golf, Seymour has one of the most respected Junior programs in Canada, followed by an Intermediate program which allows your older children to advance their golf skills while attaining a Full Membership themselves, at a considerable savings.

Call Craig Lazaruk at 604.929.5491 ext 221 or email at Craig_l@seymourgolf.com .

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ENTRANCE FEE:      $60,000.00 + $3,000 GST 


1st Payment $12,000.00 plus GST $600.00 = $12,600.00
2nd Payment $12,000.00 plus GST $600.00 = $12,600.00
3rd Payment $12,000.00 plus GST $600.00 = $12,600.00
4th Payment $12,000.00 plus GST $600.00 = $12,600.00
5th Payment $12,000.00 plus GST $600.00 = $12,600.00


Monthly Charges

Full Member Dues + Fees $587.72
Wait List Dues #1-#40 $396.99
Wait List Dues #41-60 $270.83
Wait List Dues #61+ $202.14
Staff Retention Bonus $   4.00 *Included in Monthly Charges
Match Assessment/Hole-in-One $   5.00 *Included in Monthly Charges
Social Committee Funding $   1.00 *Included in Monthly Charges
Pro Shop Service Charge $  39.75 *Included in Monthly Chardes
Food Minimum charge per quarter $200.00


Other Charges

Lockers: ½ locker $7.50; Full Locker $12.00
Guest Green Fee $149.00

All charges subject to GST.


Playing Privileges

Men Only Wednesday – 12:00 noon to 5:30 pm
Women Only Tuesday   –  8:00 am to 12:00 noon
Juniors Saturday & Sunday – 3:15 pm to 3:45 pm
Full Member Any other time
Wait List #1 – #40 Unlimited Monday to Friday (subject to public play policies)
Wait List #41 -#60 One game per week Monday – Friday (subject to public play policies)
Wait List #61+ Two games per month Monday – Friday (subject to public play policies)



Monday through Friday 3 guests anytime (except statutory holidays). A local guest may not play more than once per calendar month during the golf season even if they are introduced by different Members. Weekend Guest Policies: No guests before 12:30pm on Saturday, 1 guest after 12:30pm on Saturday, 1 guest before


Prices are subject to change without notice.