Adult Programs
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Adult Golf Programs

Seymour C&CC Instruction Program

Golf is a game, something you do for fun. It was never meant to be a struggle.

Dress Code:
Seymour G&CC dress code is in effect for all lessons. Golfers are not permitted to wear jeans, and shirts must have a collar. Golfers may wear running shoes or soft spiked golf shoes, but metal spikes are not permitted.

Our Facilities:
Our facility features an outdoor driving range with both grass and synthetic tees. A short game area with 2 target greens, 2 bunkers and ten thousand square feet of practice putting greens. Access to our golf course for on-course coaching is also available. All of our Golf Professionals are trained and certified by the Canadian PGA and it is our goal to teach you more than how to swing the club. Whether it’s a single video lesson or a comprehensive program, we will help you learn how to play and enjoy the game of golf using the best teachers, tools and learning environment.


Seymour Coaching Packages

Golf Skill Set Assessment
one person $120, two people $75pp

An extensive 1 hour assessment where you will perform various shots required to play golf.  The assessment results will show us the strengths and weaknesses of your game. From this assessment we’ll recommend a program to fit your goals and budget.

  • Short game assessment
  • Long game assessment
  • 2-Dimensional video swing analysis

TPI Screen
one person $150, two people $125pp

An extensive 1 hour golf and fitness screen where you will perform various exercises and shots required to play golf.  The screen results will show us the strengths and weaknesses of your game. From this assessment the CPGA coach will recommend a program to fit your goals and budget.

  • TPI Golf Fitness Screen
  • 2-Dimensional video swing analysis

Equipment Assessment
one person $100

An extensive 1 hour golf club assessment. Each golf club will be assessed for lie angle, loft angle, shaft length, grip size, and shaft flex. You will be given a report with the findings and your fitter will determine what changes should be made to the clubs to help improve your game.

Individual Coaching Packages

Beginner / Development Package
one person $760, two people $600pp

This package is perfect for beginner/intermediate golfers who want to learn many of the important aspects of the game and how to transfer these skills to the golf course. Your first session will be a detailed skill assessment performed by your CPGA coach. From this skill assessment, your coach will design a lesson program tailored to your specific goals.  Included in the program are the following:

  • 8 individual sessions with a CPGA Coach
  • 2D Video Swing Analysis
  • Golf Skill Assessment
  • Equipment Assessment (lie, length, loft)
  • Practice Session Planning

Monthly Packages (3 month minimum)
one person $480/month (4 hours)

one person $240/month (2 hours)

For all golfers who are dedicated to improving their game and are willing to put in the necessary time to see improvement. In conjunction with the Titleist Performance Institute, Seymour combines the latest in golf-specific fitness and conditioning with advanced teaching techniques created to provide players with the ultimate golf learning experience. For golfers of all ability levels, and well suited to the golfer wanting to improve his/her game while enjoying a flexible training schedule. You will be taken through a detailed Golf Skill Assessment, a TPI Fitness Screen, and an Equipment Assessment performed by a Certified Fitter. The information gathered in these assessments will be used to create a program tailored to your specific goals.  Included in the program will be the following:

  • 2D Video Swing Analysis
  • 3D Motion Capture
  • Golf Skill Assessment
  • TPI Assessment *additional cost to TPI Certified fitness instructor
  • Computerized Report on Golf Fitness Handicap
  • Personalized Golf Fitness Workout
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Quarterly re-assessments
  • Practice Session Planning
  • Single Lesson - Adult

    • 1 person (40 mins)  $95
    • 2 person (60 mins)  $75 each

Recreational Group Programs

For adults who are new to the game and/or those who wish to build on and refine their basic fundamentals. We have two levels to choose from.

Join as an individual or with friends (4 person maximum per course).

Adult Beginner Group Classes

ABG – Level 1

For the newer student.  We will be working on the basic fundamentals for grip, stance, alignment, putting, chipping, and full swing. The CPGA instructor will take the beginner golfer through all the skill sets required to enable them to feel more comfortable with golf terminology and to play the game on a golf course appropriate for their skill level.

Four sessions over 4 weeks  Cost: 150.00

ABG – Level 2

For those who have already completed Level 1 or those who have played before and wish to continue to improve on basic golf skills or just need a “tune-up”. In this 4 week program you will learn advanced techniques in both the short game and full swing to help you stay active and enjoy the game of golf.

Four sessions over 4 weeks Cost: 150.00

Adult Short Game Group Classes

ABG – Short Game

This program is suitable for adults who have basic knowledge of the game and would like to improve the short game fundamentals. Each class will be devoted to one component of the short game: putting, chipping, pitching, and sand shots. Basic fundamentals, strategies, and practice drills will be discussed. Making improvements in your short game is the fastest way to lower your score. Sign up for a pre-scheduled 4 week course. Join as an individual or with friends.

Four sessions over 4 weeks  Cost: 150.00

For group registration information regarding class times and dates please email: Lindy Miyashiro at

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Professional staff for more information.

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