Club Fitting - Seymour Golf
At Seymour Golf & Country Club we take every club purchase seriously. Our philosophy on purchasing golf clubs guarantees an end result that you will be completely happy with. The process below explains our approach in detail. Once you have read these you will be better informed as to the steps needed to purchase your next set of golf clubs.
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Club Fitting

How to Buy the Perfect Golf Club

At Seymour Golf & Country Club we take every club purchase seriously.  The process below explains our approach.

1. Trust
Good advice and proper club fitting will have a direct impact on your golfing enjoyment. The relationship you form with your golf professional while purchasing this set of clubs will continue well after the final sale.   Keeping up with the latest in golf club innovation along with informative annual seminars make a CPGA Professional an important link in the club purchasing chain.

2. The Demo Experience
Often we see customers arrive with preconceptions of which club is right for them. This is fine, we all have our preferences, but don’t let them stop you from experiencing clubs of all types from different manufacturers.   How many clubs should you try? We have over $30,000 invested in demo clubs for you to choose from, from major manufacturers, with various shafts and lofts. You may try as many of these clubs as you want.

The next step is on the range, where we combine your experiences, beliefs and feelings with our expert knowledge to reach a conclusion, based on ball flight and how the golf club influences your swing. Ball flight is a key component in this process. We must see the flight of the ball. Computers and nets are no substitute for seeing results with your own eye.

3. Get Fit
Club fitting is the process by which we determine how a club must be built to benefit your game the most. There are several factors which affect a custom fit, including your body size, swing speed, tempo, and desired shot pattern.   Club-fitting will find the correct specifications for the following:

• Lie angle. It determines whether or not the club is soled correctly at impact. A club that is not soled correctly at impact will create wayward shots.

• Shaft flex. We will determine the correct shaft type, flex, and length for your golf swing.

• Grip size. For feel and control of the club face.

• Swing weight. Can be integrated to suit certain goals.

4. Have Fun
After 3 to 4 weeks of play and practice we will invite you back for a 15 minute check-up to ensure everything is right.

Pricing Policy
1. If you do not wish to take advantage of using our demo equipment, or any of our club fitting services, we will match any written price for identical in-stock equipment.

2. With use of our demonstration equipment and fitting services our equipment price will, at most, include a premium of $20 per top line wood or $40 per set of irons (when compared to regular prices).

The Seymour Golf & C.C. Customer Guarantee
If at any time you are not completely satisfied with the fit you received, bring the clubs back to us and we’ll make the necessary corrections.