Lindy Miyashiro Biography
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Lindy Miyashiro

CPGA Golf Professional

Contact Info

Tel : (604) 929-2611
Fax : (604) 929-4143
Email :

Golf History

I grew up playing baseball from the age of 8, and began to dabble with golf at the age of 17.  I started working in the food and beverage industry at various golf clubs.  This gave me the opportunity to experience the true golf atmosphere which in turn hooked me on the game. It was then that I decided to pursue a career as a Golf Professional.  I worked at many prestigious golf clubs in Calgary including, The Elks Club, Bears Paw, and Country Hills (Pro Shop Manager).  I turned Professional in 1995 and began my professional career at McKenzie Meadows Country Club.  In 1997 Roy Abbenbroek (fellow CPGA Professional now at Seymour G&CC) and I moved to Burnaby, taking over the golf shop at Riverway Golf Course.  In 2001 I joined the Professional team at Seymour Golf & Country Club.


Each year the CPGA presents awards of merit to members of the association for various accomplishments.  A personal goal of mine as a buyer and merchandiser was to have our club acknowledged in this category.  In 2005 my colleagues and I were recognized by both the PGA of BC and the PGA of Canada for having the Golf Shop of the Year for both the Province of BC and in Canada.  In 2009 we again received the honor of winning the Provincial award for Golf Shop of the Year.


I owe credit to the 3 Head Professionals that I have had the honor of working with through- out my career all who have helped shape my future.

I started my career with Scott Orban at McKenzie Meadows Country Club in Calgary.  Scott encouraged me to never stop learning about the game of golf and started me on the right path in my teaching career.  In 1997 Roy Abbenbroek and I came to Vancouver to run Riverway Golf Course.  Starting a new business was an exciting and rewarding experience.  During this time Roy demonstrated what a true Golf Professional is and stands for, making me a better person and Professional.  Since 2001 I have had the honor of working under the guidance of Dale Schienbein who has given me the greatest opportunity to learn all the intricacies of running a golf business.  With his encouragement and leadership both personally (especially my golf game) and professionally, he has inspired me to strive to be the best I can be.

Teaching Philosophy

Golf swings are like snowflakes… No two are alike!!  I believe every golfer has a unique set of qualities that influence how they should best swing the club.  Strength, flexibility, practice time, etc… are all variables that must be considered when developing one’s golf swing.  Each individual has their strengths and it is important that their golf swing is built around those attributes.

Knowledge is always a good thing and I feel it is very important that my students understand why they are being asked to make changes to their swings.

Set up fundamentals are the real “secret” to this game.  While they may seem boring, they are critical in the development of a consistent golf swing.  The importance of a correct grip is but one of the fundamentals that every golfer would be wise to spend time reviewing.  It is after all, your first and only contact with the golf club!!

Most common areas for an amateur to improve

Practice, practice and more practice.  Most people don’t practice because they don’t know what to work on.  It is my experience that practicing any aspect of your game will be not only enjoyable but also will pay dividends in your score (perhaps not right away, but they will).  However make sure you are practicing what you are told by a qualified CPGA Professional.  There are too many, well meaning, yet incompetent and unqualified people out there that love to give advice!!  Just smile and say thanks but I am working with my own Golf Professional.

Most Memorable Moment

My most memorable golf moments were my qualifying rounds are for the Canadian PGA Apprenticeship program.  There was only one opportunity per year to prove your playing ability.  If you happened to have a bad day you ‘Lost” your opportunity to become a Golf Professional for an entire year!!  Talk about pressure!!!!  I had the best caddie for these rounds in Roy as he probably knew my game better than I did.   I didn’t like to keep or even think about my score during these rounds.  I knew that I was very close to the number one way or the other on the last hole.  When I drained the last putt all I remember was watching Roy throw the towel up in the air with a huge smile on his face and racing over to congratulate me.  What a great feeling.  I did it!!!!

Outside Interests

Dog Agility & Training, Baseball, Running and Biking. I also enjoy watching Football and Hockey.

Favorite Golfer

Nancy Lopez – As talented and as classy a person you could ever hope to meet.

Favorite Golf Courses

Troon North, Scottsdale Arizona – Almost beat Roy here!!

Arroyo, Las Vegas Nevada – Victory!!! Beat Roy by “1”

What’s in the bag ?

  • Ping I20 Driver
  • Nike VRS Covert 4Wd, 3,4,5 Hybrids, 6-AW
  • Nike VR Forged 56, 60 Wedges
  • Scotty Cameron  Newport 2 Putter